Integrity ‘Redefined’

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I have always felt unease with the accustomed definition of the word integrity .

Whenever integrity is defined is usually goes something like this: ‘the quality of being honest and having strong moral principle’ .

This never really sat down well with me ‘cos I always felt there was always more to this word ‘integrity’.

Until I saw a Dr Jim Rohn video where he was talking about money and in passing talked about integrity to the tranquility of my inner most being.


Integrity is when you take a look at what you are doing, demonstrating day to day without any coercion and place it against what you have listed as important and of value to you, when these two are in harmony or congruent then it can be said that, that person is walking in integrity.

So the next question is “how do I know my values or what are important to me ?” Here:
-How you fill your space or surroundings
-How you spend your time
-What you are energized by
-What do you spend your money on
-Where are you organized and structured on
- Where are you spontaneously disciplined
-What are you thinking about internally and bringing about
-What do you want to conversate about
-What inspires and brings tears to their eyes
-What is it that you love listening to, learning about on youtube that you can’t wait to get yourself into

All these are some ways of finding out what are of value, high priority or important to you, which enriches your soul.

So simply put, when you live outside your own hierarchy of values, replacing them with something not of value to you, you can then be said not to be living in integrity. Which can lead to you beating up yourself.

When you do things that lower your values, you devalue yourself and when you stick to the high priority things you value yourself. Until you value yourself the world isn’t going to value you.

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